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Information Technology jobs are the fastest-growing occupations with a projected 21 percent increase in Software Development alone from 2018 to 2028. Despite the growth in demand for IT professionals, there are millions of positions left unfilled around the world. More people need access to technology education.

We are an Education as a Service provider that partners with colleges to help bridge this skills gap and make technology education affordable, accessible, and low-risk.

Why Promineo


Adult Education Course

For Students 

Our career-focused programs are designed to help you enter a profession in technology fields with high demand. Find out which programs and financing options are available to you.

Adult Students

For Colleges

We partner with colleges that care about offering quality, career-training programs for the communities they serve. Learn how you can make the most in-demand technology education available to your students.

About Us
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We are an Education as a Service (EaaS) company with a mission to make technology education affordable, accessible, and low risk for everyone so that anyone has the opportunity to improve their lives through learning. We believe in providing quality training programs anchored in student experience and service-oriented interactions.

To do this, we partner with colleges to make high-demand, technology education available to communities across the nation. Our EaaS gives our partners everything they need to offer their own Coding Bootcamps and other technology bootcamp programs with zero upfront investment. 

The average coding bootcamp costs more than $13,500. Through our innovative flipped-teaching and faculty model, our partners are able to offer comparable, quality programs for near a 4th of the average tuition.

In standing by our mission and working with amazing partners, we have lowered the financial barrier to access life-changing education.



Kimberly Eckenrode

CTE Computer Training Coordinator

Nashua Community College

I would highly recommend Promineo Tech to any community college interested in finding a partner to deliver software development instruction.  We have just completed the launch of our first cohorts for Front End and Back End Coding Boot Camp. Promineo Tech has been a true partner in this endeavor.

Sherika J

Former Student

This program has been a game changer for me. I’ve wanted to transition to a career in software development for years now but couldn’t find a program that was affordable, convenient given my full-time job, and had a curriculum that
would make me job-ready.

Leiland T

Former Student

Very learner-friendly program - excellent instruction, guidance and exactly the change in pace I needed. I'm learning so much more and at a much faster pace than any University course I've ever paid thousands and thousands of dollars for. I highly recommend looking into Promineo Tech.

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