Our children's programs are both fun and educational, helping students to develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, all while having a blast building software!

Private Coding Lessons

Children learn to code in a format similar to traditional piano/guitar lessons. Our instructors are skilled in both software development and teaching, so that they can deliver lessons to each child in the way they personally learn best. Through the use of modern video meeting technology, lessons can be taken from the comfort of your home (or really from anywhere you want)!

  • $30/week for 30 minute lesson

  • $50/week for 60 minute lessons

Group Coding Lessons

Your child will learn to code in a small group of 3 to 6 students, enabling them to not only grow technically, but socially as well. Your child's group will meet virtually, using video meeting technology, once a week for an hour to learn new programming concepts from our skilled instructors.


  • $85/month. (BEST VALUE)

We teach technologies that are both useful in the industry as well as fun for children to learn!

An Arizona Licensed School