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26 Week Big Data Engineering Bootcamp

Upcoming Start Dates

May 30, 2023

Shared Office
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Are you interested in learning about big data engineering and wondering if it's right for you? Take our short, 12-question assessment to see if data engineering may be a good fit for you!

Prepare to Launch a Career in Data Engineering

The Big Data Engineering Program is designed to introduce the technically inclined student to the technologies and methodologies requested by hiring companies and used by real world data engineers. This program is fast paced and will cover a breadth of technologies, including Python programming, Hadoop and cloud-based services in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The student will also be introduced to such methods as data wrangling, munging, ingesting and modeling for analytics. 


By the end of the program the successful student will be prepared to apply for an entry-level position as a data engineer, Python programmer or business intelligence developer. 

Data Engineering Prerequisites: 

  • Technical aptitude 

  • Logical thinker 

  • Comfortable with OS file system concepts 

  • Experienced downloading and installing software 

  • Experience working with data connections in Excel or other applications 

  • Experience creating macros and functions in Excel or other application 

  • Some exposure to programming is helpful but not required 

Learn high demand skills that will make you a competitive engineer in a rapidly expanding industry. A one-stop-shop bootcamp that helps you gain the skills and receive the support that can lead to a fulfilling career in the booming tech sector.

This program is offered through Humber College Continuous Professional Learning in collaboration with Promineo Tech. Promineo Tech partners with community colleges to prepare participants for high-growth careers in software development.

Promineo Tech is a group of IT professionals and leaders who believe that quality education should be offered at an affordable price.


Wondering whether a coding bootcamp is a good fit for you?
Take this short, 12-question quiz to see if you think like a data engineer!

Part-time. Flexible. Affordable. 
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Big Data Engineering

In the Data Engineering course, we cover technologies including Python, Data Structures, Error Handling, Logic, AWS, RDS, SageMaker, AWS Glue and Athena, EMR clusters, Hadoop, Hue, Hive, Spark, Amazon Aurora, Ingestion in AWS, Amazon Kinesis, Storage Concepts, Data Lake, Amazon Redshift, Normalization, Data Modeling, OLTP vs OLAP and Notebooks.


Students meet for 1.5 hour live lectures once a week, plus an additional 20 hours of self-paced work per week. 


Meet for one-on-one weekly mentor sessions. Connect with other students and classmates through workplace messaging platform. 

Career SErvices

Gain access to a wide array of career service opportunities.

Fully Online

All lectures, mentor sessions, and office hours happen virtually, and coursework is managed through an online learning management system. 

Congrats on making it through all the information on this page! At this point, you probably either know that you want to enroll and are wondering what the next steps are, or you still aren't sure if coding is for you. The answer to either question is to take a no-pressure, practice quiz by clicking the button below.

Speak with our Program Specialist, Andrew: 
(603) 696-3847

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