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16 Week Digital Marketing Bootcamp

A one-stop-shop to gain the skills and receive the support that can lead to a fulfilling career in the booming tech sector.
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Classes Starting on

March 30, 2023

 Digital Gadgets

16 Weeks

Fully Online
15-20 hours/week

Learn marketing theory, critical thinking skills, and gain practical experience to

become a competitive applicant in an ever-growing job market.

About the Bootcamp

The Digital Marketing program is designed to help students with an interest in marketing create a portfolio and begin an entry-level position in the digital marketing field. The curriculum is a project-based course that blends marketing theory, critical thinking skills, and practical experience to prepare students for an entry-level position in a growth industry. Students will become proficient in advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


Our program provides a fast-paced, detailed curriculum with a full-breadth of digital marketing knowledge in order to be a competitive applicant in an ever-growing job market. Digital Marketing jobs are growing 112% faster than the U.S. national average job growth*. 


Upon successful completion of the program students will be equipped with the tools to apply for jobs such as marketing coordinator, social media advertising coordinator, branding coordinator, junior UX designer, and more. 



1.5 hour live lectures once a week, plus an additional 20 hours of self-paced work per week. 


Meet for one-on-one weekly mentor sessions. Connect with other students and classmates through workplace messaging platform. 

Career SErvices

Gain access to a wide array of career service opportunities.

Fully Online

All lectures, mentor sessions, and office hours happen virtually and coursework is managed through an online learning management system. 

Learn about:

Skills and Concepts:

  • Branding

  • Market Research 

  • Digital Advertising

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Organic and Paid Media 

  • Google Analytics

  • SEO

  • Strategy

  • Planning

  • Analytics

  • UX

  • Content

  • Channel

  • Social

  • Email

  • Display

  • Technology

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Project and Agency Management

Electronic Gadgets

Speak with our Program Specialist, Brianna:
(913) 399-3029

Connect and learn more about the programs and upcoming start dates

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