Together, we can help more individuals attain higher education, reach their full potential, and truly change their lives.

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Our mission is to make technology education affordable, accessible, and low risk so anyone can have the opportunity to improve their lives through learning. Our unique payment model helps drive our mission by allowing students to pay 10% of their tuition upfront and not owe another penny until they get a job in the industry. Because of our unique model, we can help students attain higher education in growing technology fields and change their lives without having to take personal risks with traditional student debt. 

While our tuition model has led to significant student success, we’ve realized that it also opens the door for an amazing scholarship opportunity - one that can finance an exponential number of students in a sustainable system.



Individuals, communities, and organizations make donations to the Perpetual Scholarship fund.


Students use the scholarship to pay their 10% tuition deposit and enroll in the program.


Students graduate and pay back their remaining tuition once they find a job in the industry.


Promineo Tech puts MORE than the student’s 10% tuition deposit back into the Perpetual Scholarship fund which allows the fund to continuously grow.


"The student to teacher ratio is great! The feedback from instructors is very helpful in the learning process. The content organization eases you in but ramps up quickly to push you further. There is no doubt that the instructors are involved with Promineo Tech because they want to help students succeed. I have looked at a lot of boot camp options and nothing impressed me as much as Promineo Tech. I have also completed a Bachelor's and an additional Associates/Certification in the health field. Yet this school has been my best learning experience - especially when I think about how it paves the way for future employment and income." - Gary Coleman

"This program is great! The instructors really care about their students and make sure you understand the material. Out of all the schooling I've had this is by far my favorite program." - Ash Sanchez

"If you are considering a bootcamp, Promineo Tech is phenomenal value. The instructors are great - they are both caring and available. If you put in the work, there's no reason you shouldn't come out on top! While I did come in with some previous self-taught experience, I was able to land a job about 2 months after finishing the back-end program. I fully credit Promineo with putting me in a position to receive offers in a new field!" - Paul Tuura

"My experience with this coding bootcamp is AMAZING! And that is saying something because I've attended a different bootcamp as well as taken university dev classes. I am learning a lot and love the instructor. He is supportive and his explanations are clear and helpful. The work is challenging, and I am definitely growing/improving in my skills as a Java developer." - Kirsten Naughton


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