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Individuals with the skills required to build software and solve complex problems are highly coveted among employers in the industry, but did you know that learning to code at a young age has many more benefits than great career opportunities? Just like learning how to play a musical instrument, or participating in sports, coding provides a fun, educational outlet for children to have a good time while developing important life skills. Here are just a few brief examples of what learning to code has to offer your child.

1. Coding is Really a Lot of Fun

Think of virtual Legos with the power to build anything and solve any problem. Toys like Legos, K'NEX, and Lincoln Logs are classic favorites for children and allow them to have a blast while still providing educational value. Coding is just like these, but imagine having infinite boxes full of building pieces, as well as no limit in variety!

2. Coding Allows Children to Express Creativity

Coding is an art, and there is no single, right solution to any project. Couple this with the metaphor of virtual Legos, and children can be as unique and creative as they dare to be.

3. Coding Improves Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The very essence of coding is centered around solving problems in a more efficient and creative way than has been done before. Learning to code early in life makes children accustom to solving problems that require critical thinking.

4. Encourages Children to Think Outside of the Box

Not only do life’s problems require critical thinking, the best solutions come through innovation. Coding helps children understand there are better ways to do things and encourages children to search for these revolutions.

5. Teaches Children to Work Through Difficult Problems and Never Give Up

Yes, coding can be difficult, but nothing worthwhile is easy. The rush of solving a problem, or fixing an error, that has been plaguing you is indescribable and increases a child’s stick-to-itiveness.

6. Improves Academic Skills and Sets Children on a Path of Life-Long Learning

Technology is continuously advancing at an exponential pace. Learning to code helps children learn how to learn, and how to do it quickly. This helps in not only keeping up with technology, but in learning any new skill throughout life.

7. It is Easier to Learn to Code as a Child

Anyone can learn to code but starting the development of an engineering mindset at an earlier age helps children get ahead of the game. It’s a simple equation, the more time spent practicing any skill, the better one will be; starting young gives children more time to reach mastery.

8. Improves the Logical Thought Process

Coding revolves around logic and decision making. The constructs used to tell a computer what to do can be applied to making decisions throughout life to help children make well thought out, intelligent decisions when it really matters.

9. Great for Career Prospects, Both in Technology and Other Industries/Roles

Jobs in coding and technology are ever expanding, and the compensation is truly great, but learning to code isn’t only beneficial in becoming a technologist. Workers in almost every industry, especially leaders, benefit greatly by knowing at least a little about coding.

10. Opens the Doors to Limitless Possibilities

Learning to code gives children the ability to create anything they can dream of. The feeling of knowing you can build anything empowers children to do so.

As you can see, coding isn't just for adults. In fact, this list only covers a few of the many reasons children should learn how to code, but if we were to cover everything you probably wouldn't have made it to the end (and no one likes a long blog post)!

Speaking of making it to the end of a blog post, here's a treat for those of you who made it to the end of this one! Sign your child up for a Free Introduction to Coding class!

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