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3 New, Free Resources to Learn How to Code

Learning how to code can be fun, captivating, engaging, educational, and... just downright frustrating. That's about the cadence, too; lots of good feelings and milestones reached while learning new concepts, and then, inevitably, we fall and get stuck in a pit of confusion and irritation. We then spend hours on Google, Stack Overflow, and perusing each character of our code until finally something clicks and we can trudge out of that pit, shake off the mud, and pick up the pace again as we move forward along our journey of learning to code.

That being said, one of the most important things we can do when learning to code is immerse ourselves in valuable resources so that, regardless of our skill level, we can soak up as much coding wisdom as possible. Even if everything we are seeing, reading, or hearing doesn't make sense right now, that is okay, because in an almost osmosis-like manner, we start to absorb some of the knowledge, and then somewhere down the road we come across a concept and think "hey, I've learned about this before", and then it clicks.

Because of the value that engaging coding resources add to learners, we've decided to launch 3 new YouTube playlists dedicated to bringing those on the path to enlightenment a diverse set of free materials to level up with. These three playlists include Programming Concepts, Coding Tutorials, and Coding Challenges. We will be adding regular content to these playlists with a hope that they will be valuable to anyone learning to code! Let's take a look at what each of these playlists will be dedicated to:

Coding Challenges

This playlist is one of our favorites because learners can watch and listen to instructors solving coding challenges. This does a few really powerful things - it gives learners the opportunity to see how, why, and when specific programming constructs are used to solve problems, and it exposes learners to multiple examples of instructors talking through the concepts, which in turn ingrains a deeper understanding of coding. These types of challenges are also common in technical interviews, which makes watching and following along with videos in this playlist an excellent study tool for such interviews. Here's an example of what you'll see in this playlist:

Coding Tutorials

This playlist will have start to finish tutorials on creating different projects. The videos in this category are great for gaining experience by practicing applying concepts in a project and hearing the author talk through how and why they used the coding constructs they did. The videos in this playlist will typically be longer and are good to watch with the intention of following along and pausing frequently to catch up with the videos. Here's an example of what you'll see in this playlist:

Programming Concepts

This playlist will have brief videos that explain different programming constructs in different languages. The concepts explained will be core building blocks of software and programming and will help learners understand how and when to use certain constructs. Here's an example of what you'll see in this playlist:

We hope you enjoy these learning resources!

For anyone looking to take coding to the next level and enter the workforce as a Software Developer, take our aptitude assessment here and learn more about how we help students break into the industry without paying 90% of their tuition until and unless they get a job!


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