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MCCCD Coding Bootcamp Partnership

Promineo Tech has joined with three Maricopa Community Colleges to expand how we offer affordable and accessible coding education. The 18-week bootcamps are available at Estrella Mountain, GateWay, and Scottsdale Community Colleges.

The bootcamps are ideal for anyone interested in back-end software development. Three 6-week courses will cover everything from Java to Web API Design, and more. Students will master topics necessary for entry-level roles such as software developer, software engineer, and Java developer.

In a state where tech companies are chronically short of qualified applicants, this low-cost education option aims to prepare students for successful careers in tech, while bolstering the coding workforce and boosting Arizona’s tech economy. Courses are offered entirely online during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the part-time structure allows students to continue regular work commitments.

Best of all? The price. While many bootcamps run upwards of $13,000, this one costs $2,900, thanks to the partnership between Promineo Tech and Maricopa Community Colleges.

To learn more, visit the respective webpages. Gateway Community College has a new class starting on June 10.


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