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Promineo Means "to Stand Out"

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Names are important; their meanings carry strong messages and hold power in and of themselves. The Latin word meaning “to stand out” is Promineo - and standing out is exactly our story.

Our story began when Nicholas Suwyn, who at the time was the Director of Academics at another coding bootcamp, decided that technology education, and higher education in general, needed an overhaul. Education helps many people improve their lives and enter fulfilling careers, but there are always those heart-wrenching stories of individuals who amass an egregious amount of debt and end up in a position where their degree or education do nothing for them, yet they are left paying for it. Being at the forefront of the industry and interacting with students on a daily basis, Nicholas watched this story play out too many times - until enough was enough.

After a few months, and hundreds of iterations over the idea, with input from various, trusted individuals, Nicholas had put together a model that he believed could change higher education for the benefit of the student. “The question was `how does a school truly partner in a student’s success? How do you tie the success of a school to that of it’s students?` and the apparent answer was money”, relayed Nicholas. While it is a crude metric, it’s the metric that most often defines the success of both a company and one’s education. If a student doesn’t find a gainful career after post-secondary education, and therefor doesn’t profit from the course of study, both the school and student fail. However, in today’s current higher education model, the school get’s their money either way and the student get’s the short end of the stick - and that’s the problem.

The solution was to tie the financial success of the school to that of its students. If a school only profits when it’s students profit, then you’ve got a really powerful partnership with the goal of student success being everyone’s focus - that’s something that stands out. And that’s exactly what Nicholas set out to accomplish with Promineo Tech.

Since mid-2018, we’ve been helping students change their lives and find fulfilling careers in software development by providing education up front at 10% of the cost, and allowing students to not pay back the rest of their tuition until, and unless, they land a job in the industry.

One recent article outlines the success story of one student in particular who made an amazing career shift through attending Promineo Tech. Another article refers to Promineo Tech as a “remarkable resource” in the Phoenix West Valley. “As we’ve grown, the support we’ve had from communities and industry leaders has been overwhelming. It’s humbling to see how many people will rally behind a cause like ours”, said Nicholas. “Though community and student support for our mission is wonderful, the greatest validation is the excited conversations with students when they receive a job offer.”

Our story is simple, we help change lives through technology education by making it affordable, accessible, and low risk. Though it’s not complex, or some genius business model, sometimes it’s the simple things that stand out.


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