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Scholarship Winners

Promineo Tech and CO+HOOTS award scholarships

During economic downturns, it’s common for people to return to school to reskill or upskill. Knowing that so many are out of work during the COVID-19 pandemic and looking to transition to jobs of the future, Promineo Tech sought ways to make tech training available to more people.

Anyone interested could apply for one of three full-ride scholarships to our online software developer programs. And for those who weren’t lucky enough to win one of the three scholarships, we temporarily changed the payment model to allow students to enroll without paying any tuition until they secure a job in the technology industry.

We’re happy to announce the three Promineo Tech scholarship recipients are:

Daniel from Oceanside, California: A college student in California, Daniel is studying statistics and data science. He’s had enough exposure to programming to know that he loves it and wants to learn more. He’s eager to learn coding so that he can pair that with his university studies to help entrepreneurs grow their business. He plans to start with his sister’s company, HTK Leather.

Erin from Ahwatukee: An educator, Erin has been working in higher education for two decades. She spent the past six years focused on teaching students communication and leadership. After a brief foray into web development, Erin realized she needed to grow more specific skills. With master’s degrees in both education and business administration, Erin is looking forward to marrying her two passions and creatively solving problems in education and technology.

Greg from Scottsdale: Greg hasn’t been immune to the economic impacts of COVID-19. Until recently, he has been working in the trademark industry managing international sales operations. An optimist, Greg is looking at this downtime as a great opportunity to add new tools to his professional skill set and to end this pandemic as a stronger asset to a business than when it started.

Thanks to the generosity of co-working innovator, CO+HOOTS, two additional students received full-ride scholarships:

Racheal from Mesa: Racheal has been interested in coding for years. She has made time to learn a little but wants to grow skills that are applicable to her work in real estate marketing. She hasn’t been able to pursue educational opportunities in the past because of cost, and health challenges; Racheal isn’t neurotypical. She was excited to learn about her scholarship award so that she can begin the journey into coding.

Brendan from Phoenix: Brendan has worked in tech in the past. He has most recently been a part of the boutique wellness industry, and wants to return to a career in tech, which he enjoys very much. He’s taken a few coding classes but wants to pursue a more thorough training program. Brendan plans to use that education to apply a knowledge of software development to the wellness industry.

There are a growing number of technology jobs in the Valley and we need qualified candidates to fill those roles. We’re thrilled to help people develop the skills they need to tackle these jobs.


Interested in changing careers and becoming a software developer? Learn more about Promineo Tech's programs and how we help students make this transition through affordable, low-risk technology education:

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