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  1. I will ask good questions if I need help. Sources for help include: Class Time, Office Hours, Mentor Sessions, Posting Questions in Slack

  2. I understand that I'm allowed 1 mentor session per week. If I determine that I need additional help, I am free to seek additional outside help, but Promineo provides only 1 mentor session per week.

  3. I understand that things change rapidly in software and everyone has a slightly different configuration on their computer. Some of the instructions in the curriculum may not work perfectly for my exact configuration. As an aspiring software developer I'm expected to take the initiative to research and solve these issues. I can ask for help, but ultimately it is my responsibility to resolve any issues I'm having.

  4. All of the work I submit is my own original work. If I copy code from an external source I understand that this is considered grounds for termination without refund.

  5. I agree to treat my classmates, teachers, mentors and all staff with respect. I understand that I'm expected to behave in a professional manner in all interactions throughout this bootcamp.

  6. I understand that no refunds are provided after the first class. If I have more questions around this I can contact my college.

  7. I understand that after a certain amount of time, messages and content in Slack will disappear. If there is something that I want to have access to later, I need to save it on my computer outside of slack.

  8. I understand that the system requirements are: Computer with i5 processor and 8GB of ram Mac, PC, Linux (Chromebooks are not supported and will not work), High Speed Internet Access, Optional recommended 2nd monitor or larger primary monitor

  9. I understand that Chrome and Firefox are the only two browsers that will work with all aspects of the course. Other browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer will not work with all aspects of the course.

  10. I understand that I must use all the same software, and development tools that are shown in the videos. I understand that if I use alternate tools, the mentors and support staff are not capable of providing support for those tools.

  11. I understand that successful completion requires: 1 - Achieving an average of 70% for each of the 3 courses. 2 - Submit all assignments and quizzes. 3 - Achieve Mastery on all OpenClass assignments

  12. I understand that if I treat any classmates, teachers, mentors or staff with rude, disrespectful or hostile behavior I will be removed from the course and no refund will be given. There is a 0 tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior. No exceptions will be made and all decisions are final.

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